Hoje também vou mostrar a mesa de trabalho da Lara, que está com um ano e oito meses. Segundo ela, estava desenhando o papai nesse momento.

Today I´m going to show Lara´s desk too. She´s one year and eigth months old. Lara said she was drawing her father on that paper.

A Lara me vê fazendo cartões e o pai escrevendo e corrigindo provas e vai desenhar com seu giz de cêra. Ela adora essa mesa amarela, que não combinou tanto assim com a decoração da sala, rs. Demos o primeiro giz para ela um mês atrás.

When she sees me making cards or her daddy writing or correcting tests, she goes directly to her table and gets her crayons. She loves this yellow table, which didn´t exactly match our living room decor, hehe. We gave her the first crayon one month ago.

Esses são os folders que comprei pra Cuttlebug e que chegaram hoje!! Ai, que vontade de usar tudo isso!! Para ficar ainda mais feliz, só faltou a minha "cutibuguinha" chegar também!! Eu a comprei faz um mês e, pela última notícia que tenho dela, ainda está no Rio de Janeiro... A Cuttlebug e os folders dela são meu presente de Natal para mim mesma, rs. Estou namorando essa maquininha desde o ano passado e só agora foi possível comprá-la...

These are the embossing folders I purchased for the Cuttlebug. They arrived today!! Oh my, I wish I could use all of them right now!! To make things even better, I´m only missing my Cuttlebug!! I bought it one month ago and, for what I saw, it´s still in Rio de Janeiro... My Cuttlebug and it´s folders are my Christmas gift to myself, hehe. I´ve been wishing to buy it since last year, but I could only afford it now...

E aí está minha mesa de trabalho, bem limpinha porque só cortei e colei alguns papéis para um cartão de aniversário, mas não vou conseguir terminar hoje. Com a minha pequena em volta é assim, um pouquinho por dia.

And that´s my workdesk, very clean because I´m only cutting  and pasting some papers for a birthday card, but I won´t be able to finish it today. With my little one around me I can only do a little bit every day.

Obrigada pela visita!! Agora vou visitar algumas mesas de trabalho inscritas no blog Stamping Ground, de Julia Dunnit. Ela promove o WOYWW, What´s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, que eu adoro!

Thanks for visiting!! Now I´ll begin to visit some workdesks at Julia Dunnit`s blog, Stamping Ground. She is the one responsible for WOYWW, What´s on Your Workdesk Wednesday, which I love!


jude disse...

Looks like she may be taking a leaf out of mummy's book and crafting early.
HMmmmmmm love the idea of a christmas present to myself ...lol have to get thinking maybe buying...have fab day
hugs jude3

BrossArtAddiction disse...

She's so adorable! And the Cuttlebug is a wonderful xmas present to yourself! You will fall in love with it! I'm addicted to mine. :)

Vicki B in OP NY disse...

Lara's desk is wonderful - while yellow is more of a color to inspire children, it adds "something" to every décor. rofl Good luck getting the card finished quickly!
Vicki #95

Marjo disse...

She's so cute! It's always fun when the little ones like to be creative too.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #25

Ana Lins disse...

Que fofura é essa Lara!
E quantos folders! Depois que você se deliciar com eles podemos pensar em alguns intercâmbios...


Susanne disse...

Your little Lara is so cute. Hopefully your C-bug will arrive soon, so you can play with every single one of those folders. Looks like fun!

Chrissie disse...

I'm so pleased to see your little one sitting at her table enjoying being creative. Long may it continue.
Enjoy your new folders!
Chrissie #1

Julia Dunnit disse...

Oh beautiful, wanting to do what Mummy and Daddy do, I love and miss that! Enjoy enjoy your Cuttlebug when it comes, I have to say that it probably is nearly the best present you could give yourself.

Maggie's Crafts disse...

Have fun once you get your Cuttlebug! Thank you for sharing. Pop over to my blog for my candy!



Clube da Joaninha disse...

Obriagada pela visitinha!!

Que presente mais gostoso esse que vc comprou!!

Eu tenho a Sizzix, mas tbem uso as faquinhas da Cuttlebug tbem.
Bjkas mil, Aninha Joaninha

Serendipity Stamping disse...

You are going to be very busy using all those folders. I hope you get your Bug real soon. Thanks for sharing that adorable pic of your little girl trying to be like her mommy. #79

Terry disse...

You have a beautiful daughter. Hopefully your Cuttlebug will catch up to you so you can use all those wonderful folders! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Terry #94

Bleubeard and Elizabeth disse...

You have an artist in residence, or maybe in training. Sorry to read about the Cuttlebug. And I was surprised to read you got your folders before the machine. Hope it gets here soon and you get to play with it (#4).